A Dwelling
LOCATION: Lahore, Pakistan CLIENT: Mr & Mrs. Abeed PROGRAM: Shopping, Eating, DESIGN: 2016 TYPE: Residential Project Credits MSA Team
Description This project in its program intends to be a residence, but in planning and design constitutes an eco-system. ‘A Dwelling’ is a habitat that accommodates micro environment in its context, creating relevance for all the living and non-living inhabiting/occupying that space. From dragon fly to toads, spring flower to autumn leaves, the dwelling exerts to exhibit everything that accommodates its space. This dwelling lays itself on the site, following an axis between two trees, which are located at either end. These trees also form a reference, placed in front of each other, for each other. It is almost as if the structure acts as a mirror in between, casting reflection of an object (the tree) at the other end. The project is designed in order to explore the residential typology, and capitalize on what it possibly can offer. The interior spaces don’t exactly act as interior spaces but also become a reference for exterior, depending upon the user perspective. Similarly, the exterior spaces seamlessly melt away in to the landscape by making the transition between the two barely noticeable. It is an exercise to create an environment where spaces or interactions don’t occur by dictation, but rather by chance. It strives to be an organism, rather than being a structure formed by the collection of materials VISUALIZATIONS SKETCHES

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