A Sanctuary
LOCATION: Sialkot, Pakistan CLIENT: Muhammad Usman (Dr. FRIGZ) PROGRAM: Indoor Swimming Pool DESIGN: 2016 TYPE: Residential Project Credits MSA Team
Description Water Temple is an addition in an already built house back lawn. It is designed in order to be a sanctuary after daily activities, providing refuge to a tired soul. Situated at the back of residence, it is deprived of any direct access, both visual and physical. With all its therapeutic features, this sanctuary awaits the residents, to pay homage to the most basic human need that is -to calm the senses. Approaching the structure, a user is greeted by vertical concrete extrusions. These extrusions play with the natural light, creating dramatic sciagraphy, transforming the mass of the extended structure through out the day. Entering the structure, one cannot see clear distinctions between material and space. The space has been lit in a way that blurs the distinction between program and structure, where the concrete floor transforms it into a pool which further transforms into a wall. This absence of any visual anomaly ensures a continuous and fluid pace that proves it to be a key to a tranquil atmosphere. Indirect sources of light gradually change the mood of space, throughout the day, doing it without any one noticing. SKETCHES

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