An Exploration
LOCATION: Lahore, Pakistan CLIENT: Mr. Nouman Aslam PROGRAM: To design a facade for building housing retail and storage activities DESIGN: 2016 TYPE: Retail Project Credits MSA Team
Description This project of an auto part store is exploration of various schematics of the given façade, through permutation of material ordering form. This exploration is intended to investigate the transformation of façade as a result of change in materials and its application. Façades is a visible part of building as it not only sets the temper of the building but also impacts the environment and energy control of the interiors. In this exercise, the façade of Auto Parts Store was assumed to be a canvas to explore various designs through material permutations. Its energy impact is recorded along with influences that change in material/design vocabulary can bring on the table. This exercise was a litmus test for the belief that material is perhaps the most authoritative parameter in design that holds the key to transform space singularly. Bearing not only visual but tactile qualities as well, it has more than one means to interact with humans. This leads us to an understanding that material, not only in its selection, but also in its application, demands more sensitivity & rigor from architects. VISUALIZATIONS DRAWINGS

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