High Street House Description The design of this dwelling is traditional in its ethos yet modern in its expression. The spatial layout and division in terms of living spaces and circulation is based on the traditional ethos of a pathan family belonging to the frontier. There is a strong sense of public and private. The privacy concern and the tight program was apparently a design constraint. Rather than constructing a traditional divide in the house to answer this conflicting brief a novel solution is proposed. The house has been split horizontally into two separate portions; the basement with a separate entrance from the western setback (Side Street) of the houses takes on the form of the traditional Hujra. A Hujra is a traditional social/meeting space separate from the main house or male domain of the house used for entertaining and housing male guests. The ground and the first floor take on the role of the separated family domain of the house where the female members can move with ease. This care to maintain privacy extends to the terrace at the front of the house, where the use of front mass of concrete that defines openings, allow both privacy and openness to the terrace at the same time. The form is light and luminescent yet visually impermeable for privacy. The project is designed to its smallest details. Even the luminaires are custom designed. Most of the bedrooms of the house are located on the north side with wall-to-wall operable wooden windows to capture the view of the Margalla Hills. pictures SKETCHES DRAWING Visualization LOCATION: Islamabad, Pakistan CLIENT: Mr. Kashif Zia PROGRAM: Shopping, Eating, DESIGN: 2016 TYPE: Residential Project Credits MSA Team

20 B-1 FCC Maratab Ali Road, Gulberg II, Lahore-Pakistan.

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