IT Work / Residence
LOCATION: Lahore, Pakistan CLIENT: Paplion Technologies PROGRAM: Shopping, Eating, DESIGN: 2016 TYPE: Mixed Use Corporate / Residential Project Credits MSA Team
Description Complex articulate circular form originating from the nature of spread of information/energy which, like any other information/energy form disseminates from a central emission point. These points become nodes, not only spreading information/energy waves in a radial fashion all around but also have a linear connection to each other. Two monolithic buildings’ exterior possesses transformative qualities that serve to activate and engage. The glass openings provide an opportunity to gaze inside structures which are totally separate with respect to the way they sit on the site and the way they handle their program whilst being part of a single complex. The plans align all programs efficiently on an interior grid showing the hidden complexity of the spatial expression and arrangement. Prominently located on axis with the main road, the plans give a subtle expression, hiding all complexities. The building presents an iconic identity for Paplion Technologies. visualization SKETCHES DIAGRAMS

20 B-1 FCC Maratab Ali Road, Gulberg II, Lahore-Pakistan.

Mob: +92 300 8435613