Leap of Faith
LOCATION: Lahore, Pakistan CLIENT: BETS PROGRAM: DESIGN: 2016 TYPE: Object Addition in the exiting building Project Credits MSA Team
Description This very project of designing a vertical connection is invigorating both in terms of its nature and scale. This well thought out vertical connection provides access to an open corridor at the rear of the residential turned college building to provide independent access to the bedrooms turned classrooms. Challenged by the morphology of an existing tree in the middle of the passage left a narrow and tight space to place the designed link. The vertical link attempts to bridge the gap by posing minimum visual barrier not restricting the sight of vision to fall on the green lawns at the rear. The structure defies the presence but at the same time builds the faith on the absence to be able to fulfill the programmatic challenges of the link. In its simple functionality, the link becomes part of the context as much as the adjacent tree. PICTURES SKETCHES

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