The Opulent and the Excess
LOCATION: Lahore, Pakistan CLIENT: Mr. Kashif Gohar, (Hamdard Kutab Khana) PROGRAM: Shopping, Eating, DESIGN: 2016 TYPE: Corporate Project Credits MSA Team
Description This project is an interior that is full of pride and is all about exposition of its own exuberance. It displays the sumptuous possibilities that a small scale could offer. Hexagons, that seem dancing in the mid air, form the ceiling at the entrance illuminating the space in an unconventional way. One cannot help but be exhilarated looking at the sensibly deigned onyx back drop, governing the interior design elements. The relaxing area of the main office is toned down by leather cladding at the wall. This creates more room for dominance for other interior elements. In the meeting area, polished wood dominates the interior-scape, giving it a touch of both extravagance and sophistication. The undulating ceiling above holds the light pendants illuminating the work space only. The floor, light in its texture and color, helps achieve a balance in the interior, lightening up the burden of opulence & controlling the excess. PICTURES DRAWINGS

20 B-1 FCC Maratab Ali Road, Gulberg II, Lahore-Pakistan.

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