Pakistan Pavilion
LOCATION: Beijing, China CLIENT: PROGRAM: Experiential space for the visitors of the Exhibition DESIGN: 2016 TYPE: Exhibition Project Credits MSA Team
Description The pavilion was an entry in Kunming China fair as Pakistan Pavilion. The genesis of pavilion has its roots in the traditional local landscape tradition. Underlining the importance of leisure as an important local activity, it places a quadrilateral garden at the middle, creating a sensuous atmosphere dominated by traditional vegetation and flowers of Pakistan. The design intends to bring the local flora of Pakistan to the site and present them to the visitors of expo. Despite seemingly being devoid of its physical context, the Pavilion provides uncontaminated aura of a Pakistani leisure garden. The physical outlook of the pavilion is set to conceal the interior. Entering the pavilion, one is invited by the bare concrete, exhibiting itself in all its glory. Before opening itself to visitor, the pavilion greets through by a strong aroma generated by the vegetation and flowers. Briefly afterwards, it opens itself up to the visitor where they are met by massive vegetation from the Pakistani context, set up against the concrete back drop. It is almost as if one has reached an oasis! PICTURES

20 B-1 FCC Maratab Ali Road, Gulberg II, Lahore-Pakistan.

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