The Logic of Truth
LOCATION: Sialkot, Pakistan CLIENT: Mr. Usman (Dr. FRIGZ,Pvt. Ltd.) PROGRAM: Shopping, Eating, DESIGN: 2016 TYPE: Commercial Project Credits MSA Team
Description Architecture, in context of this particular building, is a synthetic expression of the problem posed by construction and use. This approach rejects iconography, eliminating all allusions to representation and personal expression, trying to express the formal potential of material. The building celebrates the minimalist design philosophy with the modernist exploration of construction materials, which in this case is concrete. It is done solely in concrete, supported by a frame structure. The slender columns slit through the slab, reach as high as several feet above the top roof slab. These columns reaching above the roof top transform themselves into lanterns, proving a source of light for the activities carried out at the top garden area. Slim profile of these columns make the slabs look suspended in thin air. The roof top houses a garden with views towards surrounding panorama of the city scape. The brutal concrete façade pays homage to the modernist truth of material. Its program, which is commercial in nature, accommodates itself in between the structural columns while being visible through the transparent façade. The form interrupts the overall bulk of concrete through huge glass openings, creating a hindrance for the structure to dominate its surroundings. PICTURES SKETCHES

20 B-1 FCC Maratab Ali Road, Gulberg II, Lahore-Pakistan.

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