LOCATION: Raiwind Road, Lahore Pakistan CLIENT: University of Culture and Art, Lahore Pakistan PROGRAM: Downtown pedestrian bridge, with digital/electronic art display, across the 101 Freeway; steel truss frame erected over steel and concrete buttresses DESIGN: 2016 TYPE: Sports Project Credits MSA Team
Description Dating back to ancient times, human beings have nurtured the phenomena of competition amongst their kind, in the forms of athletics, sports and games. It is such a powerful factor in human development, both as individuals and as a society, that the desire for its institutionalization can be found in every civilization. Historic evidences collected from artifacts, like weights, running shoes, arrows etc, and structures, such as stadiums, running tracks, arenas etc, all pays homage to this historic tradition of sports. This rich history makes sports an integral institution which is universal to all societies, cultures and backgrounds. This inherent characteristic of universality makes the phenomena of competitive sports globally acceptable one, allowing every human to appropriate or relate to it. Building upon this sense of association, Sports truly mark themselves as a universal sensation. Architecture, as an embodiment of this phenomena, endeavors to be a universal one in context of this project. Taking its cues from the nature of its program, it thrives upon the inherent conditions posed by the activities themselves. The architecture for this project, which is of a sports complex building, aims to construct its narrative upon the ideology posed by phenomena of sports. This narrative, as mentioned earlier, makes the architecture take a universal approach. This approach entails creation of conditions that are universal in nature and which could be appropriated by every possible context, both physical and otherwise. Rather than appropriating an identity in its context, the architecture here attempts to create a universal identity of its own under the influence of its program, which is the dominant agent in resolution of spaces for this project. The project site is that of the proposed University Complex. Designed in a local material i.e. brick, it presents it self as a dominant feature at the site. In the north of this educational campus resides vast botanical gardens. Towards the west of the complex is a huge cricket ground, the most popular sport in the country. The project site in reference to the main Education complex building is towards the north western corner of the rectangular site. visualization SKETCHES DIAGRAMS

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